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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year my friends,

As promised, it was not conceivable to leave 2017 and start 2018 without an update on your, should I dare say, favorite comic ^^

As you might have seen, we've nearly reach the 90% mark. It represents 430 pages for the total chapter and around 210 just for this part 2. I reckon the overall chapter 9 will be over 500 pages, so you would have understood that part 2 will be a bit bigger than part 1. Yeaaaaah!

Because it's new year and because it's also the time for good resolutions hum hum...
I promise that the last remaining chapter of the saga, chapter 10, will be released on a completely different and more regular basis.

Enjoy the update and see you in a couple of months for the release.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

TFS 9 Part II - Back on track for the last sprint!

Hahaaah here we go, dear fans, the last final sprint!

There's still plenty to create and render but I'm definitely making some good progress lately as you might have noticed.

So to answer a few question, some of you asked what will be happening in the last remaining 15-20%?

Obviously I can't unfold the storyline, but here what I can say about it:
The last remaining part of the chapter will be packed with corruptions and transformations! We'll go back to Moyira Island to close the story about the order of Kael, we'll discovered what happened to captain Valar, we'll definitely have some follow up on the monsters of purgatory, we'll see to whom Karin's allegiance goes to and we'll wrap up everything before the final showdown! Sounds like a plan, isn't it...

Some asked for specific pics for the update, maybe a bit of Mariah, Tethys, Leto, their battle, their shoes...
I know I say this every time but it's becoming harder and harder to select pics for the updates, to give you some good teasing while keeping the plot and corruptions secret. It's has never been more true than for this update. especially because more and more character are getting corrupted in this chapter and it's hard to keep it a secret >_<
Anyway I hope you'll like the prime selection ^^

As usually, I'm a man of facts, so a little bit of stats to finish this note.

The total chapter has now 390 pages for a total of 795 pictures.
Part 1 was 218 pages, which gives us 172 pages rendered for part 2 so far.
I reckon the complete chapter will be around 500+ pages...


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Sunday, 23 July 2017

TFS 9 Part II - Quick Update

Dear fans,

I'm passing by very quickly to drop you a quick update.

I'm still very busy, but it doesn't mean I'm not working in the background to deliver something still epic. I'm finally over with a big scene, and given the slow pace at which I'm going right now, 
I thought it would be nice to let some teaser pics through...

Even though the progress bar is moving slow, there's about a hundred new pages that have been rendered since Part 1 has been released. This scene was long but we're finally over the hump, 
so let's hope it will be a bit more straight forward as from now.

This is a few pics only, but i do hope you'll appreciate them.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

I'm back bitches...and I brought Harriet with me! Happy Easter!

Ooo Dear fans,

You who have waited weeks... hum hum...ok months (read years), you who were tired of checking
this blog for nothing, looking out for a tiny comment, or a single new pic...the wait is over!

I'm finally back! For how long I don't know, but in the short amount of spare time I had the last few weeks, I've managed to finally achieve the third chapter of Harriet Cooper and the Wizards' Sacrifice.
I hope it won't just be a "all that time... just for that".

This chapter is made of 226 HD pages, so don't hesitate to read it in full screen mode, after all, it has been made for your "eyes" only ;)

Harriet Cooper and the Wizards' Sacrifice - Spell 3

I probably also owe you an apology for this taciturn and very silent past year. I really don't won't to spread on the subject as to what or why, but just know that it was not a choice I've made happily. I just could not be on the blog or answer your posts and I was just able to read your comments through bounced emails. 

Hopefully, this storm is now behind me and I can spend more time with you. Yes, in the midst of all this mess, I've also opened my own company, so time is still not on my side. But we're gonna get there, and maybe one day my company could sponsor some young talented artist to take the helm. 
One can dream...

And no, I haven't been slacking off those last weeks... I've also made quite good progress on the second part of TFS9. The first 58 pages are done and it's only my humble opinion but... I think it's my best work so far ^^ To make it easier for you to forgive me, I think it's only fair for me to post a few pics of the coming chapter and let you be the judge of that :D

Also thank you for all the donations over the last couple of months. It's much appreciated and will help me buy some noodles while I get my company of the ground Ahahaha ^^

So enjoy HC3 and enjoy this TFS update
Bisous, Shinra-kun

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Friday, 14 October 2016

HC3 - 65% Update

I'm coming back home wayyyyyy later than planned, but as promised I'm dropping by to upload a quick update.

I've finally come over this heavy scene I was telling you about, and now I should hopefully breeze through the rest of the chapter.
So far the chapter is made of 122 full HD pages and should at the end be around 175+ pages.

Enjoy the pics.

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